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Our Policy and Interest page


Our Policy and Interest page. Please read.

Our mission is to provide a relaxing, comfortable clothing free quality naturist venue, that offers a non-threatening, natural environment .


We share the belief that sexuality is not a state of undress but rather, a state of mind and that the naturist lifestyle is not a sexual activity.

Eagles View is owned and operated by Harry and Shelley. The 57 acre property was  bought in 2002 and it soon became obvious that it was the perfect setting for a naturist accommodation venue. With a naturist philosophy, we began preparing our bushy plateau  home for guests, which is now a council approved naturist retreat. 

We have built & modeled Eagles View on what we ourselves liked & wanted to see & have in a Naturist venue. The result has been, quality self contained cabins/chalet accommodation for naturists. A getaway from children and grandchildren, we cannot & do not cater for children. (see policy page)

Eagles View is very quiet and peaceful with no traffic noise. There are no organized games here, we do have a daily happy hour  at 5pm but is not compulsory,  it is all about R&R here.

 Never being into crowds, our numbers here are strictly limited. When we are booked we are booked, cabins are for couples, camping is strictly limited. With our limited numbers plus the intimate surrounds of Eagles View have made our venue ideal for the first time naturist.

No surprises...... our locked combination gate policy, has made it that the only people arriving are fellow naturist, no drive bys or voyeurs.

 We have observed over the years & enjoy telling our textile friends that some of the happiest people we have known have been our naturist friends. Maybe this is because they have nothing to hide, having said this we naturist  are private people too. 

Naturism is not about being an exhibitionist. There is this wonderful trust about our lifestyle within the naturist community. So many friendships have been forged with guests here as they have at other venues. 

Naturist's come in all shapes & sizes. We are yet to have a bloke here who looked as muscle bound as Arnie or a woman who is as statuesque as Elle. What you will get here as you would get in any other naturist venue, are naturist of all shapes & sizes & guests from all walks of life. Cleaners, teachers, nurses, lawyers, truck drivers, farmers, air traffic controllers, police officers, factory workers, council workers, accountants, tradies, pilots and a couple of celebrities. With the naturist lifestyle, removing the clothing is a great equalizer, missing is the pretense & egos.

Located on a plateau along the Great Dividing Range just 21klm from the city of Toowoomba  with the city lights on the range visible at night. 

Eagles View has the ideal setting for the naturist lifestyle. Set atop one of the highest ranges in the region with a very sunny sheltered north easterly aspect our retreat overlooks surrounding valleys on two sides of the mountain and is backed by natural Australian bush land on the other two sides.


We look forward to meeting you and joining us on our paradise plateau Eagles View.

Harry & Shelley


Eagles Views Polices



Bookings are essential for visiting Eagles View. Our gate is permanently locked with a electronic gate for our guests security and privacy. Entry to Eagles View is by prior arrangement ONLY. There is little to no reception at our gate plus our driveway is long & steep.

Directions to Eagles View & gate combination are only given out after a booking has been made. The combination is changed regularly.

Sorry we do not  offer pro-rata rates.

All accommodation bookings require a 1 day deposit at time of booking to secure your reservation. Bookings for a week or more require half deposit. For peak times eg: New Year, Easter, long weekends & public holidays full payment is required for all cabin accommodation. Acceptable payment methods are cash or electronic transfer.

Long weekends & public holidays are a 2 night minimum stay.

Easter long weekend is a 3 night minimum stay.

New Year is a 4 night minimum stay.


Refund Policy:

Generally Eagles View does not offer a refund, however you will have an opportunity to reschedule your booking, this is provided we have 7 days notice. A minimum of 21 days is required for peak times eg: New Year, Easter, long weekends & public holidays.


Code of Conduct:

We have our own code of conduct here at Eagles View that all guest are required to read agree to & sign on staying. We are affiliated members of the ANF Australian Naturist Federation. Our code of conduct is inline with the ANF code of behaviour. Please email us for a copy if you wish to see it prior to staying.


Not a clothing Optional:

Eagles View is not a clothing optional retreat.

We are a textile free establishment weather & health permitting.

Guests new to the naturist lifestyle whom maybe a little nervous when undressing on their 1st visit have a 24hr grace period to remove their clothing. Clothing allowed sarong or wrap. In cold weather common sense prevails. 24hr grace period does not apply to any day visitors.

There is no clothing allowed in the pool or spa. Exception for guests with skin problems eg: sunspots or lupus. Sun factor swim shirts are the only clothing item to be worn in the pool. The spa is undercover so there is STRICTLY no clothing in our spa.


 Body Piercing:

Body adornments tattoos & jewellery ACCEPTED.  


Sorry, no children:

Due to various important and complex issues, Eagles View has a no children policy. Situated in a rural environment with an unfenced dam, in the interest of safety & everyone's peace of mind, we cannot cater for children.

Please do not email us to comment on this. Of all the decisions that were made during the planning of Eagles View, this and the couples only policy were given extensive consideration over many months. This was not a spur of the moment decision. There are many excellent family orientated naturist venues throughout Queensland & Australia. Please do not email us to comment on this. Of all the decisions that were made during the planning of Eagles View, this and the couples only policy were given extensive consideration over many months. This was not a spur of the moment decision. There are many excellent family orientated naturist venues throughout Queensland & Australia. As the industry continues to grow there will be more & more choices for naturists from all walks of life to choose from. Our advice to disgruntled naturist is, Don't be a part of the problem, be part of the solution. 

Designated Smoking Areas:

Eagles View Retreat has designated smoking areas. Smoking inside cabins is not permitted, all cabins are fitted with smoke detectors. Smoking is permitted on cabin balconies & there are plenty of other designated smoking areas. Smoking outside designated areas is strictly prohibited due health & fire safety. 

 Pets are Not Permitted: 

Eagles View has an abundance of native flora and fauna, we do not want to damage this by introducing pets.


Not a Swingers Venue:

Eagles View Naturist Retreat is NOT  a swingers venue or adult themed club in anyway. We expect all visitors to conduct themselves in a manner not offensive to others. Should our code of conduct not be observed, any visitor who is inappropriate or making a nuisance of themselves offending other visitors, will promptly be asked to leave.

Eagles View Naturist Retreat is a genuine naturist couples/pairs only retreat. We welcome couples & pairs of singles who have teamed up together.

Eagles View is only for GENUINE couple/pairs who would like to enjoy the naturist lifestyle. 

Same sex couples are welcome.



Our rates are not seasonal, they are the same all year round.


Please contact us to discuss any questions or concerns.